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Diamond CBD is committed to creating diverse and high-quality CBD products through careful research and development. Read our in-depth Diamond CBD review, including verified coupon & promo codes, 3rd party lab results, expert ratings, and user reviews. Each review is medically reviewed by one of our medical team members.

Diamond CBD Review August 2022

Diamond CBD is a company based in Florida that provides full-spectrum and CBD isolate products made from industrial hemp.

The brand claims to acquire their non-GMO hemp extracts from farms in Colorado , Kentucky , and Scandinavia . They also say that their hemp plants are all carefully selected and harvested to preserve as many cannabis compounds as possible, maximizing their benefits.

Diamond CBD’s team consists of medical professionals and scientists dedicated to creating pure cannabidiol products without compromising quality. Their primary goal is to produce diverse, high-quality hemp extracts with unique properties and a broad cannabinoid profile.

To monitor quality, they supervise every step in the production process, starting from hemp farming to distributing their CBD products. Diamond CBD makes sure that reputable third-party labs test their CBD.

Unfortunately, the brand was involved in a controversy in 2018 when researchers learned that several of their products contained ingredients not listed in the lab reports .

One of the active ingredients identified was 5F-ADB, an illegal substance used in synthetic cannabis products.

The lab test results supplied in this Diamond CBD review were from a report published in October 2019.

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Best Products from Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD Unflavored CBD Oil (550 mg)

Ultra-premium CBD-infused liquids that can be used as oral drops, tinctures, topically or as vape liquid.
Overall Clinical Score

Ultra-premium CBD-infused liquids that can be used as oral drops, tinctures, topically or as vape liquid. The bottle contains 30ml with 18.33mg/ml a total of 550mg CBD. Lab test result is currently available on site.

Test result is currently available on site

Allergens not indicated

Not offered in flavors

Discount pricing available? Save 70% off upon subscription

Potency – CBD Per Bottle

CBD Concentration Per Serving

Shipping/Time to delivery

Lab Testing Transparency

Diamond CBD Infused Gummy Bears (75mg)

Natural CBD Oil infused gummies that are free from THC and made from organic industrial CBD hemp oil.
Overall Clinical Score

Natural CBD Oil infused gummies that are free from THC and made from organic industrial CBD hemp oil. Each pack contains 40 g with a total of 75 mg CBD. Lab result is available on their site.

Made from organic industrial CBD hemp oil

Test result is available on site

Contaminants are not indicated

Lab test result for the product is difficult to find

Discount pricing available? 35% off

Potency – CBD Per Bottle

CBD Concentration Per Serving

Shipping/Time to delivery

Lab Testing Transparency

Diamond CBD Meds Biotech Softgel Capsules

These softgels offers you a convenient way to experience the effects of CBD.
Overall Clinical Score

Diamond CBD Meds Biotech Softgel Capsules offers a wide variety of softgels to choose from. These softgels go through CO2 extraction process that filters out everything giving you the natural effects of CBD. Their lab results are available on the site.

Test result is available on site

There is a brief description of the product on the site

Save 70% off upon subscription

No contaminants and allergens in the test results

Sale items cannot be refunded.

Discount pricing available? Save 70% off upon subscription

Potency – CBD Per Bottle

CBD Concentration Per Serving

Shipping/Time to delivery

Lab Testing Transparency

Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream

Perfect for people with aching joints and muscle pain.
Overall Clinical Score

Diamond CBD’s Pain Relief Cream comes in two variations: 500mg and 1000mg worth of CBD. Each jar consists of CBD Isolate perfect for those who do not want CBD to be detected during drug tests. It’s perfect for CBD users or starters that has problems with muscle or joint pains.

Lab Tests are available on the website.

Have two choices of strength

Allergens are not indicated

Carrier oil is not indicated

Discount pricing available? Save 70% off upon subscription

Potency – CBD Per Bottle

CBD Concentration Per Serving

Shipping/Time to delivery

Lab Testing Transparency

Diamond CBD Honey

Diamond CBD Honey gives you an incredible taste of honey on top of all your favorite foods.
Overall Clinical Score

Diamond CBD Honey is the perfect product for people who wants to try CBD. You can enjoy the benefits of these products by simply adding it to your meal.

Instructions on how to take it is available on site

Save 70% off upon subscription

Test result of the product is not available on the site

No other flavour available

Discount pricing available? Save 70% off upon subscription

Potency – CBD Per Bottle

CBD Concentration Per Serving

Shipping/Time to delivery

Lab Testing Transparency

Diamond CBD Meds Biotech CBD Bath Bomb (100mg)

A relaxing fun CBD bath made from high-quality CBD and natural ingredients
Overall Clinical Score

Diamond CBD Meds Biotech CBD Bath Bombs comes in a variety of relaxing flavors. Perfect for people who have active lifestyles but want a relaxing bath. Each bath bomb comes with 100 mg of CBD for only $19.99.

Has variety of flavors to choose from

Product went through rigorous lab testing

No direction on how to use on website

Discount pricing available? Save 70% off upon subscription

Potency – CBD Per Bottle

CBD Concentration Per Serving

Shipping/Time to delivery

Lab Testing Transparency

Diamond CBD Company Summary

  • Diamond CBD products are made from non-GMO hemp plants harvested from farms in Colorado , Kentucky , and Scandinavia .
  • They have a team of medical professionals and scientists who ensure their CBD products’ quality and purity.
  • Diamond CBD claims to supervise every step of their CBD production process.
  • However, some of their cannabidiol products were found to contain active ingredients that were not listed on their labels. One of the elements was 5F-ADB, an illegal synthetic cannabinoid with no legitimate medical use (1 ) .

Diamond CBD Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Preserves much of the beneficial cannabis compounds Some Diamond CBD products contained an illegal substance
Has a team of scientists and medical experts No data regarding contaminants
Supervises every step in CBD production

Pros of Diamond CBD

  • Diamond CBD aims to preserve as many beneficial cannabinoids , terpenes , and other cannabis compounds. The brand carefully selects and harvests their hemp plants to ensure high-quality CBD.
  • The brand consists of medical professionals and scientists who are committed to producing pure hemp products. The primary goal of their team is to create a wide range of CBD products without compromising quality.
  • Diamond CBD says that they supervise every step in their CBD production, ensuring that their customers only get high-quality goods.

Cons of Diamond CBD

  • Several Diamond CBD products were found to contain ingredients that were not listed on their labels and lab reports . 5F-ABD, commonly known as Spice or K2, is an illegal synthetic cannabinoid known to cause seizures, cardiac toxicity, and death (2 ) .
  • The company currently does not provide lab reports concerning contaminants in their CBD products, such as residual solvents, microorganisms, and heavy metals.

Review of Diamond CBD Products

Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil – 550mg (30ml)

This full-spectrum CBD tincture by Diamond is made with high-quality hemp and MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil. The product comes with a dropper that allows users to consume cannabidiol efficiently.

CBD and MCT are a great combination, as they work together to assist in optimizing energy and jumpstart your day. Researchers learned that MCT oil is absorbed better by the body than other carrier oils (3 ) .

You can take anywhere from a drop of the tincture to a full dropper under the tongue when needed. Diamond CBD’s tinctures can be bought in strengths ranging from 25mg to 3,500mg of CBD. The brand claims that their 550mg CBD oil tincture in a 30ml bottle contains 0.92mg of CBD per drop (4 ) .

Since they are made with full-spectrum CBD oil, Diamond’s CBD products contain the essential cannabinoids , flavonoids, and terpenes .

You should expect a pure hemp taste from their CBD tincture since it is unflavored . Some users recommend adding the CBD drops to drinks if you find the taste unappealing.

If this is your first time using CBD, experts recommend that you start with a low dosage and observe how your body reacts. If there are no adverse reactions, you can slowly increase the dose until you experience the desired effects.

Diamond CBD offers a CBD dosage chart that new users can follow based on their weight.

Diamond CBD Vape Additive 16ml

THC is the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis (5 ) . Some people prefer not to consume the substance due to its mind-altering effects.

Diamond CBD Vape Additive is made with industrial hemp, USP kosher glycol, and natural terpenoids. Diamond CBD claims that their vape additive has 670mg total CBD and a potency of 41.88mg/ml (6 ) .

Customer reviews mention that the product may be an excellent addition to everyday vaping and help with relaxation.

However, this product is not the same as the regular CBD vape oil used in vape pens. Diamond CBD vape additives are designed to be mixed with e-juice for a better vaping experience.

Diamond CBD Gummies – Infused Gummy Bears 75mg

Diamond CBD Natural CBD-Infused Gummy Bears are edible treats made from organic CBD hemp oil . The gummies contain a proprietary blend of industrial hemp cannabidiol , the taste of which customers may find delicious. The product does not contain THC .

These Diamond CBD gummies offer a fun way of consuming quality CBD, as many individuals prefer consuming CBD edibles for their flavors. The brand also sells gummy worms as an alternative.

Diamond CBD claims that a pack of their 75mg gummy bears contain 75mg of CBD. They say that it also has a strength of 1.88mg/g of cannabidiol .

Diamond CBD Capsules 200mg

Diamond’s CBD capsules are made with all-natural ingredients and 100% industrial hemp. The brand claims that this product is free of artificial chemicals, preservatives, and additives.

CBD capsules offer an easy way to take cannabidiol . The product can be consumed similar to supplements and can be taken daily.

Many formulations are available with CBD capsules , letting you personalize your cannabidiol experience. If you only want pure cannabidiol , you can get at least 10mg of CBD isolate per capsule.

Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream 500mg

Diamond CBD’s topical cream is formulated to help alleviate pain. It can be used up to four times a day to soothe aching joints and muscles.

Clinical evidence suggests that cannabidiol may provide pain relief for specific medical conditions while improving life quality (7 ) .

The product is advertised to contain 500mg of CBD. However, according to its lab report, it has only 484.8mg of CBD.

Like other Diamond CBD products , the cream is advertised to contain 100% natural and organic CBD extract from hemp plants . You can apply the cream to help deal with minor aches and bruises from various physical activities.

Some of the ingredients used for the CBD pain relief cream include menthol, propylene glycol, aloe vera gel, mineral oil, and tea tree oil. Diamond CBD cream products are tested by reputable third-party laboratories to ensure potency.

Unlike CBD edibles, such as gummies and capsules, Diamond CBD creams do not enter the bloodstream. Instead, the skin directly absorbs the cream, providing targeted and fast-acting relief.

Diamond CBD Bath Bomb Eucalyptus Spearmint 100mg

This CBD bath bomb is designed to give you a relaxing and soothing bath . This blend of eucalyptus, spearmint, and pure cannabidiol makes rest and recovery a great option .

CBD was shown to have antianxiety effects (8 ) , which may benefit people who need to recuperate.

However, the brand claims that the product contains 100mg of CBD when it only has 97.3 mg of CBD per pack.

Diamond CBD-Infused Honey Sticks 250mg (25-Pack)

This pack of CBD-infused honey sticks is excellent to have when traveling and sharing with friends. Each box contains 25 sticks of CBD mixed with honey. You can add the stick to your cup of tea or even use it to flavor your salad.

The combination of CBD and honey offers excellent health benefits. CBD is said to have antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties (9 ) . Meanwhile, honey has been used for hundreds of years to treat a wide range of health conditions (10 ) .

Product Summary

Recommended for Optimizing wellness
Source of Hemp Kentucky , Colorado , and Scandinavia
Popular Products Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil – 550mg (30ml), Diamond CBD Vape Additive [16ml], Diamond CBD Gummies – Infused Gummy Bears – 75mg, Diamond CBD Capsules – 200mg, Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream – 500mg, Diamond CBD Bath Bomb Eucalyptus Spearmint – 100mg, Diamond CBD Infused – Honey Sticks – 250mg (25 Pack)
Types Sold Full-spectrum and CBD isolates
Range of Products/Forms Tinctures , vape additives, edibles, topicals , bath bombs, and capsules
Price Range From $3.99 for the Diamond CBD Double Shot 350mg (1ml) to $287.99 for the Mixed Oils Bundle – Extreme Strength
Extraction Method Supercritical CO 2 extraction
Lab Testing Transparency & Availability Third-party lab results are available on the Diamond CBD website
CBD Concentration per Serving Range Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil – 550mg (30ml) contains 633mg of CBD per 30ml bottle
Potency For Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil – 550mg (30ml), the CBD concentration (potency) is 23.036mg/ml
THC Range of Products % ND (not detectable; too little amount)
Flavors Strawberry, watermelon , peppermint, sweet raspberry, apple, French vanilla, mint, blueberry, cappuccino, honey, and unflavored
Tincture Carrier Oil MCT oil, hempseed oil, and olive oil
Lab Results Available on the website and accessible with the product name or batch number
Shipping/Delivery Standard and expedited shipping via UPS; shipments arrive in two to five business days
Guarantee Diamond CBD guarantees that reputable third-party laboratories test their products
Refund Policy Return within 15 days of receipt for a full refund
Contaminants No information available
Vegan and Gluten-Free Not vegan and gluten-free
Customer Service Contact Diamond CBD at [email protected] diamondcbd.com
Country Served Currently, Diamond CBD only ships within the US

Recommended for Optimizing Wellness

Diamond CBD oil products may be an option for improving wellness . You can get your daily dose of cannabidiol made with either MCT oil, hempseed oil, or olive oil.

These CBD tinctures come with a dropper that lets you easily measure your cannabidiol intake. You can place a few drops of CBD under the tongue for quick absorption into the body.

You can also find CBD topicals , edibles, drinks, capsules, and bath bombs. Diamond CBD edibles are available as CBD honey sticks , gummies, and pills.

The Diamond CBD website ( www. diamondcbd.com ) lets you filter the CBD type, oil type, and strength of your desired product. This feature enables you to find the right kind of CBD for optimizing your health and wellness.

Source of Hemp

According to Diamond CBD, they source their hemp from soil-rich farms located in Kentucky , Colorado , and Scandinavia . The brand claims that they use only hand-selected, non-GMO organic hemp from these farms.

Popular Products

Among Diamond CBD’s product line, several items stand out. These are the Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil 550mg (30ml), Diamond CBD Vape Additive (16ml), Diamond CBD Gummies – Infused Gummy Bears 75mg, Diamond CBD Capsules 200mg, Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream 500mg, Diamond CBD Bath Bomb Eucalyptus Spearmint 100mg, and Diamond CBD-Infused Honey Sticks 250mg (25-Pack).

Types Sold

CBD products sold by Diamond are available as full-spectrum and isolates, letting you choose the type of cannabidiol you desire.

Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the compounds of cannabis , including terpenes and flavonoids. This type of CBD is known for the “entourage effect,” which is the concept where cannabis compounds work better when taken together (11 ) .

Meanwhile, isolates are simply pure CBD . Some people prefer consuming CBD isolates to avoid taking the mind-altering effects caused by THC .

Range of Products/Forms

Diamond CBD supplies various cannabidiol products, such as tinctures , topicals , vape additives, capsules, gummies, and bath bombs.

Diamond CBD recently formed a partnership with Chong’s Choice to offer various products for people who prefer natural wellness solutions. These products are advertised as premium CBD and are made using 100% natural full-spectrum hemp oil .

Their website also advertises cannabidiol pet products . Diamond has partnered with Medipets to provide CBD dog treats that pet owners can give to their loyal canines.

Price Range

Diamond CBD’s product prices range from $3.99 for the Diamond CBD Double Shot 350mg (1ml) to $287.99 for the Mixed Oils Bundle Extreme Strength.

Extraction Method

Diamond CBD uses the CO 2 extraction method to get pure full-spectrum and CBD isolates for its products.

Lab Testing Transparency & Availability

Diamond CBD has a page dedicated to providing laboratory reports for the products they offer. Their extensive list of lab results is relatively easy to use.

You can input the product name or batch number of the CBD item that you wish to analyze. Alternatively, you can just browse the list to find the specific lab report you need.

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

The Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil 550mg (30ml) contains 633mg of CBD per 30ml bottle. The data is collected from lab results published in October 2019.


For Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil 550mg (30ml), the CBD concentration (potency) is 23.036mg/ml. The data is collected from lab results published in October 2019.

THC Range of Products %

For Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil 550mg (30ml), the total THC is ND (not detectable; too little amount).


Diamond CBD tinctures are sold in the flavors strawberry, watermelon , peppermint, sweet raspberry, apple, French vanilla, mint, blueberry, cappuccino, and honey. You can also buy the unflavored variant if you wish to enjoy a pure CBD experience.

Tincture Carrier Oil

The primary carrier oils for Diamond CBD tinctures are MCT oil, hempseed oil, and olive oil.

Lab Results

Diamond CBD publishes the lab results of their products on their website. You can access the certificate of analysis of each item by searching the extensive list or using the CBD product’s batch number.

The lab report for the Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil 550mg (30ml) is from October 17, 2019.


Diamond CBD products are shipped via UPS and can take one to two days to process. The shipping time depends on your location, which can vary from two to five business days after processing times.


Diamond CBD guarantees that every product batch they produce is lab-tested before they are made available to the public. They claim that each item is analyzed to ensure purity and consistency across their range of CBD products.

The brand also claims that they supervise the entire CBD production process meticulously, from growth to distribution.

Refund Policy

Diamond CBD has a return policy allowing unopened products to be sent back within 15 days after receipt, except for vaping items.

All CBD vaping products are considered final sale unless the item arrives damaged to the customer. You can make exchanges or returns using the online returns system from the website.

After receiving and inspecting your returned item, Diamond CBD should send you a message notifying you that they have received the product. The email should also inform you of the refund’s approval or rejection.

Approved returns are processed, and the money is automatically sent to your credit card or the original payment method. The refund can take three to seven business days to complete.

Diamond CBD does not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges for products that cannot be resold due to causes not under the control of either party.

These causes include acts of God, war, weather, strikes, lockouts, insurrection, riots, government actions, fire, flood, and other force majeure events.


Although their CBD products have lab reports on their cannabinoid profiles, there are no contaminant results available on their website.

Diamond CBD does not provide consumers with information on whether their products are free of heavy metals, microorganisms, and residual solvents.

Vegan and Gluten-Free

Diamond CBD products are not advertised as vegan and gluten-free.

Customer Service

You can contact Diamond CBD for questions or concerns about their CBD products. The email address for their customer support team is [email protected] diamondcbd.com .

Alternatively, you can leave them a message by heading to their contact page. You need to input your name, email, and purpose before you can send them a message.

Country Served

Currently, Diamond CBD serves states within the USA only.

More About Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD aims to supply high-quality CBD oil products throughout the United States. It was founded in 2015 by Kevin Hagen and is owned by the parent company PotNetwork Holdings.

PotNetwork is a holding company that focuses on the cannabis industry. It positions itself as a global industry leader committed to the research, development, and marketing of quality and natural hemp extracts.

Diamond CBD was founded to develop a wide variety of top-quality hemp products. They believe that hemp’s broad profile of cannabinoids , such as terpenes , can provide people with many health benefits.

Although they currently only ship within the US, the brand’s goal has always been to make the highest quality hemp products accessible to people worldwide.

Founded during the early days of CBD, Diamond has been at the forefront, pioneering unique products to optimize wellness.

The Diamond CBD team comprises scientists and medical professionals committed to creating pure CBD products without compromising quality.

They currently have dozens of CBD products and have partnered with several CBD brands , like Chong’s Choice , Meds Biotech, MediPets , Yum Yum, and Chill Plus.

Diamond CBD sells products such as Chill Plus CBD oil , Chong’s Choice gummies, MediPets CBD dog treats, Biotech CBD creams, and Meds Biotech CBD bath bombs.

Diamond CBD Production Practices

Diamond CBD supervises each step in the production process, from hemp farming to the distribution of its cannabidiol products. They claim to source their non-GMO hemp extracts from partner farms in Colorado , Kentucky , and Scandinavia .

Their hemp plants are manually selected and carefully harvested to preserve as many cannabinoids , terpenes , and other beneficial compounds as possible.

Testing for quality starts with the raw materials, ensuring that all Diamond CBD products are up to standard.

The brand then applies the supercritical CO2 extraction method to produce CBD-rich hemp extracts for their tinctures , edibles, and topicals . They may also further process hemp extracts, depending on the products’ destination.

Finally, every batch of their CBD product line is tested by reputable third-party labs to ensure that each item is safe for consumption.

2018 Forensic Science International Report Controversy

In 2018, researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University decided to analyze the contents of several products sold at the Diamond CBD website after receiving a tip from a source.

The source suspected that the e-liquids they bought from the brand contained other active compounds.

After receiving Diamond CBD Vape Additive and Liquid Gold Strawberry samples, the researchers bought the same two products and five others from the brand’s website.

These were the products they analyzed:

  • Blue CBD 250 mg
  • Blue CBD 1,000 mg
  • Diamond CBD 50 mg
  • Diamond CBD 1,000 mg
  • Diamond CBD Vape Additive
  • Liquid Gold Strawberry
  • Liquid Gold Jungle Juice

The researchers confirmed that all samples contained CBD. However, two of them had THC , four included a synthetic cannabinoid known as 5F-ADB, and one had dextromethorphan. Dextromethorphan is known as a cough suppressant.

5F-ADB, also called K2 or spice (12 ) , is an active ingredient used in synthetic cannabis products.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) lists 5F-ADB as a Schedule I drug due to its dangers and public health risks (13 ) . The synthetic cannabinoid also has no known legitimate medical use.

Buyers searching for non-psychoactive CBD for their wellness regimens may be caught by surprise if they ingested products containing 5F-ADB.

Synthetic marijuana compounds, such as 5F-ADB, reportedly caused acute intoxication with chronic use, potentially leading to loss of consciousness and altered mental status (14 ) . Even relatively low concentrations of 5F-ADB can impair driving capability significantly (15 ) .

Researchers believe that synthetic cannabinoids are more potent than THC . These compounds are known to produce numerous clinical symptoms, including seizures, cardiac toxicity, and even death.

Diamond CBD’s Response

Kevin Hagen, the brand CEO, responded by saying that Diamond CBD would retest their products. He also mentioned that they would recall any product they found tainted (16 ) .

“The company strives to provide the assurance that we supply the best, highest- quality products on the market,” said Hagen. He added that he supports the current regulations to ensure the quality and safety of CBD products with no harmful side effects .


Diamond CBD is a Florida-based brand offering full-spectrum and CBD isolates from industrial hemp. They claim that they carefully select and harvest their hemp plants to ensure many cannabis compounds are preserved.

Some of Diamond CBD’s best CBD products are Diamond CBD Full Spectrum MCT Oil, Diamond CBD Vape Additive , Diamond CBD Gummies , and Diamond CBD Capsules . Although the brand itself does not offer CBD for pets, people can purchase them from other brands listed on the website.

The brand consistently offers promos to buyers. Some affiliates offer discount codes and coupon codes to apply upon checkout of your first order.

Unfortunately, in 2018, Diamond CBD was found to have CBD products that contained active ingredients not listed on their labels.

However, Diamond CBD guarantees that their products are no longer tainted. The statement should mean that their CBD no longer has ingredients that can cause intoxication or get you high.

Still, the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has only approved one CBD product, called Epidiolex. Epidiolex is used to treat two rare forms of epilepsy.

You should consult a doctor before purchasing and using any CBD product. Physicians, particularly those experienced with cannabis use , can provide you with the proper dosage to avoid complications.

Diamond CBD Review 2022

Eloise Theisen is a board certified Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner who specializes in cannabis therapy. For over 20 years, Eloise has worked primarily with cancer, dementia and chronic pain patients. In the last 6 years, Eloise has focused her efforts on cannabinoid therapies. Eloise has worked with over 6500 patients to help them effectively treat age-related and chronic illness with cannabis.

Kimberly Sharpe was born and raised in Oregon where she became a strong advocate for the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana. Now, living in the sunshine state of Florida, she continues to push for nationwide cannabis reform and federal legalization. Through her writing, she strives to educate and enlighten readers about the cannabis plant and its many uses.

  • Leafreport’s mission is to provide accurate, objective, and valuable content for CBD, which is why we’re transparent about our review process and how we rate products and brands. We may receive compensation. Here’s how we make money.
  • Our review is consumer-focused only and we do not check or take a stand regarding medical effects.
  • Statements regarding CBD products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Please advise your physician prior to each use of CBD.

The Bottom Line

The first time that you visit the website of Diamond CBD, you might become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cannabidiol products. They sell not only their own Diamond brand but also a wide array of others.

Diamond emerged on the market several years ago at the start of the CBD legislation movement. The safety research into the cannabinoid had reached its peak. The brand quickly became known for its focus on CBD research and its dedication to developing health wise hemp products. Their focus on quality and affordability quickly won a loyal customer base. All of their products undergo extensive testing and very strict manufacturing procedures are employed.

The company shows extreme dedication towards its customers and products. Diamond has outlined three ‘rules’ that they base their company and products on:

They use only non-GMO hemp that has been harvested at respectable farms located in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia
All raw materials are quality checked prior to manufacture
Only CO2 extraction is used to obtain CBD

All of Diamond CBD products undergo third party laboratory testing for potency and purity. They publish the lab results online. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see, ‘CBD Lab Reports’. Click on the link to browse the lab reports and download the documents.

The range of products offered by Diamond CBD is vast. They offer just about any form of CBD product you could possibly want. Diamond’s most popular product is their Chill Gummies which come in a wide array of flavors and shapes. One bag of gummies runs around $19.99 which works out to $0.07 per mg of CBD. Diamond’s CBD honey is another favorite with an average price of $0.26 per mg

Recently, I contacted their customer service via chat to ask about Diamond’s personal brands. The online chat was automated and I was told that someone would be contacted via email message in the future to answer my questions.

  • Huge selection of CBD products for humans and pets
  • Third party lab tested
  • Manufactures in the United States
  • Money back guarantee
  • Non-GMO
  • Extensive product list might be confusing for some
  • No international shipping

Diamond CBD Specs

Hemp Source : United States Extract Method : CO2 ✈️ Shipping : United States ⮐ Money Back Guarantee : Military Veteran Discount : Established : 2015


Data Collection and Rating

In our review process , we receive CBD products directly from the brand to personally review ourselves, so we can give you an accurate idea of the packaging, potency, taste, smell, feel, and overall experience of each product. We also discuss the company’s shipping and returns policy.
Another important step we take is reviewing each individual product for details such as the certificate of analysis to assess the CBD level and CBD variance, THC level, and contaminants.
We take all factors into account and give each CBD brand and each CBD product a score for each parameter.
All of the information we collect is generated into a concise, easy to read review and put into our extensive database. Keep in mind, our reviews are never intended to substitute or act as medical advice.

Product DataBase

Our database collects key information for each product, including CBD product prices, potencies, third-party lab test results, flavors, additional ingredients, hemp quality, extract types, product variety, and more.
We then use all of this combined data to give each brand and product a standardized rating out of five points.

Brand Review Process

There are many factors we consider when we review the quality, integrity and products of a CBD brand. We rate each brand on several factors including:

  • Transparency & accuracy . It is important that a CBD brand is forthcoming with who makes up their team, their mission, manufacturing process, and lab reports. Also, we look for the accuracy of the CBD and THC levels in the products’ lab reports.
  • Hemp quality. Hemp quality can be a deciding factor between a good CBD brand and a great CBD brand. We look for organic and sustainable farming methods with attention to detail in each manufacturing step.
  • The variety of products they offer . We like to see several CBD product types and flavors.
  • Customer service . It is essential that each CBD company has multiple ways to connect to customer service to ask questions. We look for speedy and complete responses.
  • Price and discounts. Competitive pricing is an important aspect of being a top-rated CBD brand. We also look for discount options and ways to save on your order.

Market Reports

Another way Leafreport stands out from other CBD review websites is our evidence-based market reports . For each one, we purchase different types of CBD products and send them for independent lab testing to check whether their levels of CBD and other cannabinoids match the label.

Information Updates

Writers and editors conduct our reviews and our database on an annual basis but continually make updates throughout the year. We maintain frequent contact with brands and highlight any changes in offerings.

The Review Team

Our review team is made up of a wide chain of qualified CBD review writers, some with medical degrees, some with statistics backgrounds, others with ample experience in the CBD arena. Each and every one of our CBD reviews are approved by our medical reviewer before being published on our website to ensure all information is accurate.

Conflicts of Interest

While Leafreport does have partnerships with many of the reviewed brands, we manage potential conflicts of interest by maintaining a wall between our content and business operations. This wall is designed to prevent our writers and the review process from being influenced or impacted by our business partnerships. This way, all reviews can provide an unbiased review that serves the interests of our users.

About Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD was founded in 2015. They are a Florida based company that offers CBD products that have the benefit of extensive research. Diamond actually has a team on the payroll that includes doctors, chemists, and scientists who work to maintain high standards. The Diamond brand and company is owned by PotNetwork Holdings, Inc.

Yes, Diamond CBD does offer its own brand ‘Diamond’ but they also sell a large array of other brands on their website. You’ll find the following:

  • Diamond CBD
  • MedsBiotech
  • Diamond Hemp
  • MediPets CBD
  • Relax
  • Blues CBD Isolate Crystals
  • CBD Oil Biotech
  • Chill Gummies
  • Chong’s Choice
  • Yum Yum Gummies
  • Liquid Gold
  • Brain Chill CBD
  • CBD Re-Leaf
  • Choco Budz
  • High Strength Daily Boost Terpenes Formulated
  • LT Pain Master
  • Pet CBD Food

Many of Diamond’s products are THC free and others contain less than 0.3 percent THC. They always clearly mark if the product contains THC or not.

When you purchase an item from Diamond, it typically has consumption method suggestions and instructions printed on the label. You can also check out the product description online to obtain such information.

All of the CBD used to formulate products sold by Diamond have been obtained through CO2 extraction to ensure purity. The extraction method is eco-friendly and solvent free.

Third party lab results are printed on Diamond’s website. Simply click on the link that states ‘Lab Reports” at the bottom of the page to look over the lab results. In addition, the products all have a QR code that you can use with your cellphone to access the lab results.

The labels of the products sold by Diamond offer information concerning CBD quantity per serving plus other helpful information.

Diamond CBD’s website is laid out nicely. It is brimming with information about each product. All orders are shipped within two to five business days. If you spend over $100, then shipping is free. If you do not open the product, then can utilize their return policy for a full refund within 20 days.

The lab results for Diamond CBD appear to be fairly accurate with THC and CBD concentrations clearly listed on each product. All have undergone testing to ensure general cleanliness and to show that they are free of e.coli, yeast, organic residuals, pesticides, and solvents.

Without a doubt, Diamond CBD has attained a well-respected reputation in the CBD industry and is a heavyweight. They provide one of the largest inventories in the world.

Leafreport’s market reports score

Edibles report – Diamond CBD received a «С» score in our edibles products report where we tested 40 different edible products in an independent lab.

Drinks report – Diamond CBD received aт «F» score in our drinks products report where we tested 22 different CBD drinks in an independent lab.

Manufacturing Process

Diamond CBD obtains all of their hemp from farms in Colorado, Kentucky, and Scandinavia. The hemp is cultivated organically from non-GMO plants. Raw materials go through extensive testing while still in the raw plant form. Supercritical CO2 is used to extract the cannabinoids from the hemp fiber. The approach used during the extraction process helps preserve the plant’s terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids. All of Diamond CBD’s products undergo lab testing.

The CBD products offered by Diamond CBD contain no THC. There are no synthetics as proven by the lab testing. The lab reports are printed on Diamond CBD’s site.

We reviewed several Diamond CBD products. On two of them, we pulled the lab results using the QR codes which were printed on the product’s boxes.

Below you will find the lab results for Diamond CBD MCT Oil 2500mg and CBD Infused Chill Gummies 200mg. Both are leading Diamond products. In fact, the Chill Gummies line is the hallmark product of Diamond CBD and is by far their most popular item. The quantity of CBD found in Diamond CBD MCT Oil was slightly greater than the percentage listed on the label at 3,170 mg. This should be compared to the listed quantity of 2500 mg, which works out to a variance of 26.9 percent. The quantity of CBD found in Chill Gummies is 200mg while the amount listed on the lab report was 234 mg, This represents a 17.5 percent variance. Please remember, the acceptable variance is 10 percent so these clearly exceed that limit.

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