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Our Full Spectrum 40% CBD is the most potent for sale on the market. It has a legal level of THC. All of our CBD products are Swiss made. When Looking to Buy CBD Oil Online, It's Important to Know Where Your CBD Comes From. At Kigh, We Use CBD Oil From Kentucky Grown Hemp in All Of Our Products.

CBD Oil 40

Greg Grant – 28th May 2020

I always buy 40% to help calm my pain down. I am going through a tough time health wise and this helps keep me going every morning.

Liam R. – 13th November 2020

I take this CBD oil to help me stay focused, I only use CBD oil now.

Lorna Hamilton – 26th November 2020

I couldn’t find anyone selling 40% strength CBD oil and finally found Pure Organic CBD. I suffered a serious injury 10 years ago and have been on very strong pain killers ever since. Slowly, I am trying to ween myself off prescription meds and use just CBD oil and Pilates. The results so far have been amazing. I can’t believe something natural can take away my pain.

Kaitlyn S. – 27th January 2021

This CBD works very well for me.

Ryan J. – 2nd February 2021

This oil is so good and I am very happy with my purchase.

Anthony – 12th March 2021

tuve un problema y me lo resolvieron adecuadamente.
recomiendo se mejore la dureza del vidrio de la botellita

Christian S. – 19th March 2021

This product Really helps, I recommended

Elena M. – 1st April 2021

Tiene un bueno olor. Applicacion por gotas. Dura 3 meses

Best Reviews – 1st April 2021

I couldn’t find anyone selling 40% strength CBD oil and finally found Pure Organic CBD. I suffered a serious injury 10 years ago and have been on very strong pain killers ever since. Slowly, I am trying to ween myself off prescription meds and use just CBD oil and Pilates. The results so far have been amazing. I can’t believe something natural can take away my pain.

Elena M. – 1st April 2021

It has a nice smell. Aplied as drops under the tongue. Lasts for three months.

Ian A. – 4th April 2021

This is one of the best products that I have ever tried!

Isabelle A. – 5th May 2021

This oil was very helpfull, I recommend this to everyone.

Brenda T. – 8th May 2021

I started taking this a week ago and already my anxiety is significantly less!!

Darren M. – 10th June 2021

This helps me alot at night when i cant sleep.

Felix L. – 15th June 2021

This oil is great and really helpful

Greg – 15th June 2021

The shipping was really fast, Im very impressed.

carlos.ribes – 2nd July 2021

Lo compré para mi suegra, que toma opiáceos para los dolores de articulaciones. Cuando le baja el efecto de los parches, tiene que tomar muchos analgésicos. Con las gotas de CBD, ha notado mucho alivio y más tranquilidad y ya no toma los analgésicos. Hemos probado directamente el de 40%.

Tyler B. – 5th July 2021

This is worth more then five stars.

kevin k. – 11th July 2021

The CBD oil from here is by far the best CBD oil I’ve ever had!

Alexa G. – 17th July 2021

Great product!! Once I started taking cbd oil, my back pain went away. Couldn’t be happier

Steven U – 24th September 2021

good price
Very happy with the product.

Wilson C – 8th October 2021

Received it quickly..love the product

Cris b – 8th October 2021

I find this product to be excellent

Eddie L – 20th October 2021

Love it
I have tried a lot of CBD oils and like this one the best.

Taylah A – 1st November 2021

I had been looking at trying CBD Oil for sometime, and I decided to try this company after a recommendation. I’m a very happy customer! The Oils arrived the next day, and they were very competitively priced. First class product, will definitely be using this company again and I will be recommending them to all of my friends. It’s really worked for me!!

Carter G – 2nd November 2021

Life changing
Excellent product. I feel so much better now, Thank you so much

Johnny S – 2nd November 2021

Order came quickly
Im happy and my results are as well!.

Franklyn G – 3rd November 2021

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Simply the best
Ive Tried different cbd products and hands down Pure Organic Cbd products are the BEST out there! Amazing results.

Alvin J – 4th November 2021

Great quality!
Nothing works as well as this did!

Nicole M – 4th November 2021

Love this company and their products. Been a customer for a while now!!

Stanley M – 4th November 2021

This has changed my life!! Thank you!

Spencer E – 5th November 2021

I love it.
Aside from the product being amazing, this company really cares!!

Buddy H – 6th November 2021

helps me in many ways

Kevin W – 6th November 2021

Amazing for sports
From someone who has had multiple sports injuries this stuff is just amazing!!

Phillip D – 7th November 2021

Excellent Product
Well worth it for you to try.

Brandon G – 10th November 2021

The Best!
I’m so very thankful for this product – it has changed my life around on many different levels. Pure Organic Cbd team – you are amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work.

Brody D – 16th November 2021

I have suffered with anxiety for the last few years and a friend bought me a bottle cbd oil for my birthday to see if it would help. I have to say I’m really impressed, I felt the effects almost immediately and feel less anxious – I now have a tool to help me manage my condition and it has really changed my life. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is having challenges with their anxiety to give it a go.

Roxanne H – 18th November 2021

Great company, I would definitely recommend these oils. Excellent customer service, staff are very helpful and informative, plus really fast delivery. I have tried various CBD oils from several companies with limited success, it has been a total game changer for me and has to be the best CBD oil I’ve tried – hands down!

Dillon P – 19th November 2021

It’s really good to keep your mind relaxed it really helps you focus on what you need to be doing.
Instead of constantly thinking about other things in between which are not so important.
I would recommend it it’s great for feeling a calming mood and energy and you will have a better night sleep.
If I knew of this before I would have bought it sooner, little expensive but you pay for what you get…

Tomas D – 21st November 2021

I have ordered online from this company this year. Everything I purchased came within three days! The order was perfect! I love the products I have used so far, the person I ordered from was very helpful in my choices also! I will continue to order from them!

Johanna M – 24th November 2021

I’ve been using CBD for a couple of years now, and after using various different companies over that time, Pure organic cbd is by far the best product I’ve had in that time. I feel a lot better for using it, it’s far more palatable than others I’ve tried, and the delivery is very prompt. I’d highly recommend them.

Zulma Powell – 29th November 2021

Help me to relax and sleep.
I recently started using the CBD oil, to help me improve my sleep. One week on and it’s been fantastic, helps me relaxed and therefore I’m falling asleep with more ease. Highly recommend it

Simon Davies – 7th December 2021

Helps me sleep
I often have trouble sleeping, especially as I tend to work some strange hours. Thought I would give CBD a try and it really does help! The team are very good and I’d recommend you ask them which one is right for you.
Delivery was roughly as expected too

Stuart Hornby – 8th December 2021

I have suffered with hip pain when playing golf for a while now, so a friend recommended this oil and to be honest it has helped. I would recommend it to any one to try.

Jackson Stableford – 10th December 2021

I ordered in August CBD oil 5% which I more than pleased with. It has helped me with my sleeping. I have recently ordered the 20% because I have read a lot more about how to use (excellent website for your questions) it and I am hoping it will help with my arthritic pain. No doubt I shall be ordering more when I am finished this new bottle.

Chuks Chukwunyere – 12th December 2021

Well,, I just started, taken only for day,, so far have good feelings. It seems wonderful. Soonest I will come back to give a full rating

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Tom Dunk – 14th December 2021

I was really struggling with sleeping and tried a few others I wish I never wasted my time this is by far the best , and very fast delivery

Roger ward – 15th December 2021

Really helps with anxiety. I have suffered with anxiety all my life and tried many different treatments, but since taking your CBD Oil it’s virtually vanished!

Simon Davies – 12th February 2022

I often have trouble sleeping, especially as I tend to work some strange hours. Thought I would give CBD a try and it really does help! The team are very good and I’d recommend you ask them which one is right for you.
Delivery was roughly as expected too

Jackson Stableford – 16th February 2022

This is my fourth bottle of oil. I have tried the 5%, 10% and the 20% and from trying other firms I can honestly say this is one of the best on the market. I bought it, after research, for sleeping and my arthritis. I stopped it for a while to see if it really made a difference and it certainly does. Not sleeping well and my hands stiff and painful. If you are wavering give it a try. There is a very helpful website and you can always ask questions although the information on the website does cover most issues.

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The Strongest CBD Oil in the UK and EU

When we created our 40% Full Spectrum CBD oil, we had one thing in mind: To have a product so pure and so cost effective, it removes any doubts about CBD oils “claims” and gets the job done.

A phenomenal value for money, 1 bottle of 40% is like buying 4 bottles of our 10% CBD (a huge savings)! Each drop contains 20mg of pure full spectrum CBD along with minor cannabinoids CBG, CBC and CBG. And don’t for get the THC and ∆8 at their legal limit.

If you want the strongest CBD oil (with out hyperbole) then this is the product for you.

How do I Use Full Spectrum 40% CBD?

  1. Shake the product for a full 10 seconds before use. Ensure that the cap is closed tightly.
  2. Remove the dropper and eject any oil that is in the pipette back into the bottle, this allows all of the Oil’s contents to be mixed and consistent.
  3. Draw up an amount of oil that you will be taking.
  4. Using a mirror or a partner, place the drops under tongue and hold them there for 2 to 3 minutes, the longer the better.
  5. After the time has passed, use your tongue to move the CBD oil around your mouth, cheeks and gums.
  6. Swallow the remaining CBD oil.
  7. Be sure to put the cap back on your bottle of CBD.
  8. Store at room temperature as our 40% CBD will become cloudy or crystalise at cold temps.

Hold the drops under the tongue for 2 to 3 minutes to ensure maximum bioavailability, (Percentage of CBD being actually absorbed by your body).

CBD can then enter your blood stream via the mucous membranes under your tongue. This method is far more effective rather than passing through your digestive system where it can be broken down by the enzymes in the liver.

1200 mg CBD Oil

Regardless of what you’ve been told, there is no standardized dosage for CBD. The way each individual responds to CBD is completely different and this is also dependent on the condition you are taking it for.

Our recommendation is to always start with a light dosage and adjust it as needed until you find the right number of mg per day. Each person’s CBD wellness routine will be different and will be based on an initial baseline that you must find.

Many individuals have stated that when taking CBD for general health, a dosage around 20mg per day is sufficient, although this always varies by individual. If using CBD for medicinal reasons, dosages will likely increase.

Suggested Use

CBD oil is to be taken sublingually. This means you should fill your dropper with CBD oil, up to the 1ml marker on the dropper (for a full serving) and place it under your tongue, wait for up to 60 seconds then swallow for best results.

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Some people choose to add CBD oil to a beverage or to your food, although the time in which it takes to onset may be increased and you may see a less than optimal result.

1200mg Natural CBD Oil: Why Take It?

Whether you have a local market you purchase from or you buy CBD oil online, you need to demand full transparency about what’s in their CBD products. There is no room here for companies to cover anything up. The quality of what you put into your body will determine the effectiveness you can obtain.

Our 1200mg CBD oil tincture is our strongest flavored CBD oil option. It has always been a very popular choice for many reasons. The concentration of CBD in each of the different strength bottles varies as you would expect. What this means is that while more CBD extract is making it into each formulation, the strength changes. obviously, but the flavor changes as well. For many people, they enjoy the flavor of our natural CBD oil tinctures. For those who prefer a flavor, we offer our 1200mg CBD oil in strawberry, cinnamon and spearmint flavors.

All of our higher strength CBD oils become more economical for you in the long run. The price per mg of CBD decreases as you go up in strengths so even if you don’t want to take 40mg per serving of CBD, you can take a half dropper to give yourself 20mg of CBD and have the bottle last you twice as long.

1200mg Natural CBD Oil: How Does It Work?

Our 1200mg CBD oil is taken sublingually, which means it’s a product that works with the tissue beneath the tongue. This tissue is uniquely absorbent, which means that when CBD oil is applied there, it begins to work much more quickly than if you choose to swallow the CBD oil. It can actually work for some in as little as fifteen to thirty minutes.

CBD oil tinctures are also very easy to use. They all come in dropper bottles, and a full dropper’s worth is a single dose, although some may choose a higher strength product and reduce the dose accordingly. All that you have to do is pour the amount directly beneath the tongue and hold it there for about one minute. Then, you can swallow the rest and you’re good to go!


What Goes in, Must Come Out! We’ve All Probably Heard That Saying. It Stands True Here. Premium Quality Plant Genetics Ensure Kigh’s Products are of the Highest Possible Standard

1200mg Natural CBD Oil: Should I Purchase a CBD Flavor?

Natural: Ok, ok, we know that Natural isn’t actually a flavor, what we mean is that it doesn’t contain flavoring additives. Natural definitely doesn’t mean that it’s flavorless. Hemp has its own unique flavor and aroma, and it’s relatively pungent, which many consider to be a good thing. CBD oil gets its flavor and aroma from its terpenes which occur naturally in a high quality CBD product. Hemp’s natural taste has notes of citrus, herbs, pine and mint. Some say it’s a slightly earthy taste. Either way, for any hemp purist, you may prefer this option.

Cinnamon: Who loves Big Red gum? If you do, look no further. Our cinnamon flavor has that warm and spicy taste that you know and love. Our customers describe it as exhilarating, and we couldn’t agree more. If you appreciate warmer flavors, cinnamon might be the way to go.

Spearmint: If you’re in need of something refreshing, spearmint CBD oil must be your go to flavor. This CBD oil tincture is flavored with real spearmint, and each dose tastes just like you’re chewing on the leaves picked off of the mint plant in mom’s garden.

Strawberry: For all of you fruit lovers out there, we have strawberry! This fruity flavor gives you all of the delectable notes of this plump little berry. Tangy, tart and sweet notes take turns arousing your palate and refreshing you from head to toe.

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